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Are you looking for a beautiful location to camp or a comfortable rental in a campsite of the Haute-Saône?

Check out our list of 10 of haute-saône campsites, you will certainly find the campsite of your vacation! We also offer you our our selection of campsites “Favorites” among the most beautiful establishments de Burgundy-Franche-Comté. Find your campsite in Haute-Saône according to your personal criteria by refining your search or by consulting our dedicated camping thematic sections.

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Where to go camping in Haute-Saône?

Offering a getaway in camping in Haute-Saône proves to be a wise choice for an immersive experience in nature, whether in the Ognon Valley or the Vesoul region. It is an opportunity for you to reconnect with well-being and escape between rural and urban explorations.

Take some time off in camping in Haute-Saône, especially in Chassey-lès-Montbozon, an ideal place for forest walks and hiking by the riverside. This place offers you a peaceful environment, perfect for discovering the hidden treasures of the Ognon Valley. Moreover, why not try the experience of glamping in Haute-Saône? Opting for a night or a weekend in a floating cabin or in the trees is a perfect way for you to disconnect from the outside world.

Another excellent place for camping in Haute-Saône is Luxeuil-les-Bains. Take advantage of the therapeutic virtues of its waters and thermal baths to revitalize your body and mind. The exceptional setting of this town will allow you to stroll through the streets to admire old buildings and traditional houses. And for those looking for a low-cost vacation, choosing a municipal campground in Haute-Saône is an excellent solution.

During your stay in camping in Haute-Saône, take the time to visit Vesoul, one of its most emblematic cities. The rich history of this city is reflected in its mansions and secular gardens. Take the time to stop at Lake Vaivre, an ideal place to appreciate the beauty of the landscape. Traveling by camper van in Haute-Saône is an excellent way to discover the wonders that this department has to offer.

Camping in Haute-Saône, located in the region of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, also allows you to explore the emblematic tourist sites of the department. Do not miss the Chapel of Ronchamp, an impressive architectural work by Le Corbusier. Also, take the time to visit the Ray-sur-Saône Castle, a first-rate historical monument.

Whether you are a nature lover, a fan of historical heritage, or simply looking for a place to relax, camping with a water park in Haute-Saône offers a multitude of possibilities for unforgettable holidays.