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Are you looking for a beautiful location to camp or a comfortable rental in a campsite of Ardèche?

Check out our list of 212 of ardèche campsites, you will certainly find the campsite of your vacation! We also offer you our our selection of 8 campsites “Favorites” among the most beautiful establishments d'Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Find your campsite in Ardèche according to your personal criteria by refining your search or by consulting our dedicated camping thematic sections.

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Where to go camping in Ardèche?

A campsite in Ardèche will delight outdoor enthusiasts and thrill-seekers. Whether in the Ardèche gorges, hiking along the rivers, or exploring Privas, Ardèche offers an ideal setting for a green vacation.

While camping in Ruoms, in the Bas-Vivarais region, discover the famous caves of Ardèche and their nature reserve. Whether you choose to explore them by canoe or kayak, or on foot during a hike, you will be enchanted by their beauty. If you are traveling in a camper van in Ardèche, do not hesitate to take the tourist route to enjoy an exceptional panorama of these caves.

During your vacation in Ardèche, many walks will allow you to discover the wild landscapes of the department. For example, while campsite in Devesset, you can walk along the Eyrieux river on a path built from an old railway. If you want to swim, the source of the river, Lake Devesset, is the ideal place, with many water activities on offer.

A municipal campsite in Ardèche is an interesting option for a low-cost family vacation. You can save on accommodation and allocate a larger budget to the many activities available in the department.

During your camping stay in Ardèche, you will also have the opportunity to discover a rich historical and architectural heritage. In Privas, at the gates of the Monts d'Ardèche Natural Park, you can admire the bridge over the Ouvèze River, classified as a historical monument, and visit the old town. While camping in Vallon-Pont-d'Arc, do not miss the visit to the Paleolithic cave of Chauvet and its paintings, an exceptional site. Renting a mobile home in Ardèche is an option to consider to extend your stay and thoroughly explore all the riches of this holiday destination.

Camping Questions and Answers in Ardèche

Here is the list of answers to the most frequently asked questions by campers in HPA Guide for la région Ardèche.

Which Campgrounds Are by a Lake or River in Ardèche ?

In Ardèche to fully enjoy water activities, a campground by the water is the ideal place to camp.Like with le Camping la Digue at Chauzon or le Camping du Lion , but also le Le Camping du Théâtre at Alba-la-Romaine. View All campgrounds by the lake in Ardèche

Where to Go Glamping in Ardèche ?

In Ardèche many campgrounds with unique accommodations have specialized in Glamping. This allows you to sleep in a trailer, nest in a treehouse, stay in a yurt, or a teepee.For example le Camping du Lion at Bourg-Saint-Andéol and le Camping de Retourtour or le Camping la Source at Berrias-et-Casteljau. View Others unique accommodations in Ardèche

What campsites have pools in Ardèche ?

In Ardèche a campsite with a covered or heated pool guarantees you full enjoyment of your vacation. Example le Camping du Lion at Bourg-Saint-Andéol, but also le Le Camping du Théâtre as well as le Camping de Retourtour at Lamastre. View More campsites with pools in Ardèche

Which Campgrounds Have a Spa in Ardèche ?

In Ardèche a wellness campground with a Spa or Thalasso will provide you with a relaxing stay for a weekend or during your vacation. Accommodation + wellness service offers are becoming more and more professional.In particular le Camping la Source at Berrias-et-Casteljau or le camping Prl Domaine de Sévenier & Spa or le Camping Rives d'Arc at Vallon-Pont-d'Arc. See the List of wellness campgrounds in Ardèche

What campsites have a water park in Ardèche ?

In Ardèche Campsites with water parks are increasingly competing with large amusement parks and will offer your children a dream stay. Including these establishments: le Camping Rives d'Arc at Vallon-Pont-d'Arc as well as le camping Domaine les Ranchisses and le Camping le Domaine de Chaussy at Bessas. All campsites with water parks in Ardèche

Which Campgrounds Accept Dogs in Ardèche ?

In Ardèche if you want to go on vacation with your faithful companion, there are many campgrounds that allow dogs.Like with le Camping du Lion at Bourg-Saint-Andéol or le Le Camping du Théâtre , but also le Camping de Retourtour at Lamastre. List of campgrounds that accept dogs in Ardèche

What campsites have a children's club in Ardèche ?

Going on a family vacation is always a pleasure! But for everyone to relax to the fullest in Ardèche, a campsite with a children's club has great advantages for both children and parents. For example le Camping du Lion at Bourg-Saint-Andéol and le Le Camping du Théâtre or le Camping de Retourtour at Lamastre. Others campsites with children's clubs

Where to find a mountain campsite in Ardèche ?

In Ardèche Camping in the mountains is an opportunity to go skiing during the winter holidays in a caravanserai campsite or hiking during the summer holidays. Example le Camping le Viaduc at Arlebosc, but also le Camping les Airelles as well as le Camping du Lac de Devesset at Devesset. More Information About mountain campsites in Ardèche